Funky Tulip Vase

Impressive Funky Vase of Tulips
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The `Funky Tulips Vase` arrangements are one of the top choices on Melbourne City Florist website. When you want the best choose a unique and impressive modern glass vase arrangement includes three different colours.

 subsidies may apply depending on season and flower availability                                                                                                                            


Find out about Tulips Meanings and Symbolism


Tulips Color Represent

Yellow may represent unrequited or spurned love.

Bright red is sign of passion and perfect love.

Purple is tied to royalty, but also abundance and prosperity.

Pink is affection and love, more appropriate choice for friends and family

Perfection, enduring love between between friends and family

Undying passionate love, whether the passion is spurned or returned

Royalty and a regal nature

Forgotten or neglected love

wedding anniversary

Abundance, prosperity, and indulgence

Charity and supporting the less fortunate


Tulip Flowers 

All Tulips offer a basic cup shape that shows off the sides of the petals. A dark or light colored center contrasts against the petals and can symbolize a broken or light heart respectively. The flower has been in cultivation since the 13th century, but it really took off in the 1600s when Turkish traders introduced it to the Dutch. The Tulip crazes in the 17th century became so fevered that the bulbs were traded as currency and theft of the flowers triggered harsh penalties. Now the bulbs are available in grocery and home improvement stores for a just a few dollars.